Wow this is still here…

Hello, good evening, i’d like to thank you for joining us at such a terrible time. Fortunately it turns out the chimpanzee-zombie apocalypse was a hoax. Since all the admins and moderators have been busy taking shelter and no longer making contact with the rest of the world it appears that this community has totally died, which is sad…. This was once a booming place to come play Minecraft. We had many many servers and it seems it’s all dwindled to nothing. I can assure you that reviving this community is on my mind, however many of the important people that made it so great are gone. Many of our resources we had we gave up while hiding from the chimpanzee-zombies. Not to mention that i am almost certain that the majority of our previous staff believe that the chimpanzee-zombies are real because of malnutrition due to the lack of investment in their survival bunkers. Reviving this community may take a serious amount of time, such a large amount of time that i’m certain i couldn’t do it alone given my current schedule.

Here is what i propose: I’ll be tweeting this link and sharing this link to this post with past community members i’m looking to get feedback on who’s willing to help restart this thing we need a handful of moderators and at least one other admin besides myself i want people to comment on this post.


  1. MochoMocho24 says:

    I can’t believe the Chimpanzee-Zombie apocalypse wasn’t real, I’d like to be a moderator, I was a mod back with Darkmag, TomTom121, I remember before when Nick came online occasionally, streamed, and when Tim and John were the Admins with nick. I was mod a long time ago, but I remember helping to fix the spawn, helping with griefs, and being online. I was demoted in the Spring for: “Spring Cleaning” I’m not sure why, but I hope to be a moderator once more. I would apply for admin, but I doubt I have enough cred to become one of those guys. I will be able to put 5-8 hours a day in the server from the time I get home at 5:20 GMT -7:00 or 12-18 hours on the weekends. Thanks for reading. If I don’t get staff I WILL still play, because I fucking loved this community.

  2. samdoup says:

    yes! I was so scared of the apocalypse but im very happy to hear its over. First of let me say that i love this server. Ive loved this server since 2012 and when i heard it was re-opening i signed up immedialty. I remember when you would come onto the server and stream and i asked you to rate my server. You said my noobish server was too colorful XD, Good days! But yeah it’d be awesome if i could become a mod on the server that’d be great, I’d also love it if the server in general would start back up so i could play. I can devote around four hours on weekdays to the server and on weekends as long as I’d like/can. I can also provide server hosting if you need it. Thanks for reading this and considering it!

  3. CityDude2505 says:

    I might come back on if it goes back up. I used to be on a lot.

  4. CityDude2505 says:

    Actually, scratch that. I will come on. Although it caused loads of arguments amongst my friends and myself, this was probably my favorite server. Any idea on when it’ll be up, if at all?

    Also, if you retain just one thing from before, make sure you keep Towny. That made it so much fun.

  5. Zach says:

    Yes! I loved this serer, would be happy to come and help restart this. I remember that this server was one of my favorites and only left because you reset the map and all of my friends had lost interest but now i found out this, I would be grateful for this to start up again.

  6. Vege_soup says:

    Hello there, old friend(s)

  7. CityDude2505 says:

    Any news on when it’ll be up?

  8. samdoup says:

    Hey, If you have skype im interested in helping you start it back up, Msg me if you need help (Since minecraft bread is your priority for now) skype:fynn76

  9. CityDude2505 says:

    I’d be happy to assist with anything, if you wanted me to.

  10. Alex says:

    Come on, man; we’ve been waiting almost a month! 🙂

    I’m really excited and will be more than happy to help with any plugin testing or whatever.

    And any idea when it’ll be up? I’m very excited! 😀

  11. Zach says:

    I will be happy to help with anything if you end up needing it.

  12. Nickfost says:

    Q: Where are we on things?
    A: We’ve done nothing!

    Q: How can i help?
    A: Express what you loved about the previous community and how we can bring that back.

    Q: Do you need staff?
    A: I’m not even sure how many people will play only time will tell.

    Q: I used to be staff can i be again?
    A: Most likely?

    Q: What’s the big hold up?
    A: I’m trying to move, i have a job, i also run MinecraftBread, we need 1.8 spigot to be released.

    I appreciate the questions you are all emailing me, commenting here, and messaging me on Skype about. sorry if you think i’m a dick for taking to long to respond.

  13. CityDude2505 says:

    Q: How can i help?
    A: Express what you loved about the previous community and how we can bring that back.

    • Well, one of the main things I loved was the fact that it was such a small and close-knit community so that I knew almost everyone who played regularly.
    • I also loved Towny because it allowed a closeness and bonding between my townmates and myself as well as making sure we could build large structures out in the open with minimal risk of damage. • I also loved the fact that money had a use in trading between players, which brings me into my next favourite thing;
    • It was so laid-back without unwanted PVP and there was no raiding or whatever. This allowed people to get to know each other and allowed things like trading because players weren’t always trying to kill each other.
    • I also liked the report system. Even if I sometimes felt it was a bit strict, I’d rather that than do without it. It allowed for large constructions and prevented grief, especially as I often argued with my friends in the town.

    In other words, don’t change anything 😛

    • CityDude2505 says:

      Oh, and I loved the simplicity of it. You could join and leave spawn and play. There was no protection which carried on miles away from spawn and there weren’t hundreds of worlds to warp between or signs to select options; you joined and you played. I loved that.