Hunger Games Event Results

Here are the winners of all the events

1st Event (June 1st, 12:00 PM*): redkat9614
2nd Event (June 1st, 12:40 PM*): Vege_soup
3rd Event (June 1st, 1:01 PM*): Vege_soup
4th Event (June 1st, 1:20 PM*): Vege_soup
5th Event (June 1st, 1:40 PM*): Vege_soup
6th Event (June 1st, 2:07 PM*): Vege_soup
7th Event (June 1st, 2:34 PM*): Vege_soup
8th Event (June 1st, 3:00 PM*): ButtBitch
9th Event (June 1st, 3:48 PM*): shenanigans98
10th Event (June 1st, 4:20 PM*): superzelda60
11th Event (June 1st, 4:42 PM*): superselda60
12th Event (June 1st, 4:53 PM*) Vege_soup
13th Event (June 1st, 5:32 PM*): Vege_soup
14th Event (June 1st, 5:57 PM*): Vege_soup
15th Event (June 1st, 6:32 PM*): edrek
16th Event (June 1st, 7:00 PM*): shenanigans98
17th Event (June 1st, 8:20 PM*): Ohnom
18th Event (June 1st, 8:35 PM*): Vege_soup
19th Event (June 1st, 8:55 PM*): Tha_Arthur_123
20th Event (june 1st, 9:10 PM*): Tha_Arthur_123
21st Event (June 1st, 9:30 PM*): Limi202
22nd Event (June 1st, 10:05 PM*): Nickfost
23rd Event (June 1st, 10:26 PM*): shenanigans98
24th Event (June 1st, 11:00 PM*): Nickfost
25th Event (June 1st, 11:32 PM*): Tha_Arthur_123
26th Event (June 2nd, unknown): Tha_Arthur_123
27th Event (June 2nd, unknown): Ohnom
28th Event (June 2nd, unknown): iMoviingTarget
29th Event (June 2nd, unknown): Andrew_Mullhaupt
30th Event (June 2nd, unknown): Andrew_Mullhaupt
31th Event (June 2nd, unknown): Tha_Arthur_123
32th Event (June 2nd, unknown): TomTom12
33th Event (June 3rd, unknown): Sqider
34th Event (June 3rd, unknown): Sqider
35th Event (June 3rd, unknown): Sqider
36th Event (June 3rd, unknown): Sqider
37th Event (June 3rd, unknown): Sqider
38th Event (June 3rd, 2:34 PM*): amant20
39th Event (June 3rd, 2:50 PM*): Vege_soup
40th Event (June 3rd, 4:21 PM*): iMoviingTarget
41th Event (June 3rd, 5:05 PM*): cairnacoco
42th Event (June 3rd, 5:15 PM*): Sqider
43th Event (June 3rd, 8:25 PM*): iMoviingTarget
44th Event (June 3rd, 8:35 PM*): masterman159
45th Event (June 3rd, 8:55 PM*): ben88834
47th Event (June 3rd, 10:45 PM*): SirJohnTheMaster

*Please note that all times are central standard time!

One comment

  1. wickedninjamax says:

    I won one! i won on the 3rd when the all say unknown, i won one of those games. I promise i won a game…