93% Voted Yes for a Tekkit Server!

So we recently mentioned that we were willing to run a Tekkit server for a month and we made a public poll. If you voted yes and you do want to see this thing up and running for the month of September, we obviously need money, our income at Nickfost.com is at 0 profit to me or any staff, sadly we do this for free and at Nickfost’s expense. Well Nick’s (my) pockets are a little empty so for each 5 dollars sent to our PayPal account we can supply five slots to our new Tekkit server. Pretty much all I can say is give as much as you can…

Now if for some reason we get an extraordinary amount of money the two admins that remain online all the time to help will be getting a cut of all the profits (SirJohnTheMaster and Tinytim2010) I am here only to entertain and supply the good times, they can do whatever they please with their money.

One comment

  1. Rune says:

    Rune will make no money Æ?