Resetting SMP, More Servers to Come, Whitelist Slowness

some things are a bit stale and we plan on changing it up a little with redoing 100% of the smp server, we want to add a more servers in the future and we are dead slow at our whitelist process because of the shear influx of players

SMP Reset: We want to remove our current map (and of course put it up for download) and redo all of our plugins, to cover a few details we do plan on restoring all premium and donor permission as well as grant players who donated towards ingame currency that currency we will be restructuring our entire set of plugins and try to optimise performance. that really the whole goal, to speed up stuff for the new 1.4 update and to give some players a fresh start and a new playing field.

More Servers in the future: We want to grow and what i mean is own 5-10 server not one or two. to do this we need to get more donors because our budget is a bit low but we can counteract that with a bit a user input

being slow with the whitelist is an issue, we are recruiting more people to do this procu for us because our admins including myself have developed a life and we need more people to do our work for us. no worries we are actually promoting current mods to a new level of trust and we don’t need 50+ people to bug us/me with mod applications. all in all, we are experiencing a load of applications daily and we are slow turds, give us time, we will find a solution to make the whole process faster in the future

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