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New Staff member!

Hey all! We have a new staff member, his name is OneApplyBoy. He manages the new Faction server.

Some semi-important announcements!

So a few days ago Nickfost announced that he will no longer be admin on this server. He does not like to consider it his server, but the community or “our” server. He will probably be on very little, he is a very busy man. He will still be working on technical stuff like making sure the server is functioning right. One last thing, I (darkmag98) am now an admin and I would like to say something about this amazing server…
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Update with the donations!

Hey all, darkmag98 here, if you are a donator on the server ($10+), you can now have the ability to use the command /fly. I┬árecommend┬ádonating for this awesome new feature. » Read more..