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Canned Manhunt and Starting FTB

Manhunt is dead for now because it’s getting a revamp and its not even ready for the latest version of Minecraft. We are planning to do a FTB server instead but this will be a bit different, the Feed the Beast server will be ran by Jace (aka “dapimp1234”) in a partnership with Nickfost’s Minecraft Servers (and if this concept works out well we might do it for others). Anyway that what’s up for now…

…………And We Are Back

OK so here is what happened… Something went haywire with the plugin iConomy and everyone money was lost, That caused Towny to decide to delete all towns…. Well Towny has a this weird feature where is rollback towns (we can’t disable it). So I managed to stop the chaos and change both Towny and iConomy to use MySQL for storage which is much more robust and we shouldn’t even have this issue again… So here is the end result, everyone is homeless, broke , and their previous home may or may not be there any longer. We are truly sorry for all the stuff that went down today we will try to make up for it on the server.


We have updated our SMP to 1.4.6 if you have downgraded manually or downgraded with our downgrader you can just click force update and it’s all smooth sailin’! connect now we only got three days to prepare for new years

Don’t Update to 1.4.6!

Right now Bukkit does have a solution out for the newest version of minecraft unfortunately it break all of the plugins and custom work that we have set up…  so for right now we are going to stuck with 1.4.5 if you need to downgrade hit up this link

Oops! Unexpected Downtime

The website was down all last week and the server was down over the weekend. We have successfully got everything back to working order again and it shall remain 24/7 for at least another 4-10 months! Sorry for the downtime guys. It’s fixed now… Have fun!

Hey Everyone!

We are still running and doing well we always need more donations (still). We have added some options for more donor rewards and such. Also, we have worked on the live map, working on reducing spam, and started using forums again. We have also started this manhunt thing a while back ago, and plan to spiral it off soon and do a similar thing under another name with a group of people. Recently we have had plenty of players and tons of applications so we have added some mods and made it possible for certain mods (who opted in of course) to do applications as well.

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Version Switcher

Hey guys we know that right now we have two servers running two different versions of Minecraft but the plan is to get both of them too 1.4.2. Sadly we are waiting on Bukkit and there isn’t anything we can do about that… So we thought we could make this a tad easier for the players who aren’t good with modding or switching jars.

Below are links to download an executable file that will change the files for the version number your wanting to play.

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Griefing NOW…

We are opening the floodgates until we get a copy of 1.4.2 bukkit.

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Resetting SMP, More Servers to Come, Whitelist Slowness

some things are a bit stale and we plan on changing it up a little with redoing 100% of the smp server, we want to add a more servers in the future and we are dead slow at our whitelist process because of the shear influx of players

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Manhunt! New Server

Hey guys, we got us a brand new server you can connect at: Also we thank the creator of the plugin and setup who worked closely with us on setting up the server. We want to thank a large list of donors, but mostly bc3833 for over 100 dollars in donations in the last few days…

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