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1.6.1 is Live!

As of 7/2 we are live on bukkit 1.6.1 and running very low on errors. Please update to 1.6!


The great SMP revamp. is undergoing a massive makeover in the near future. Over the past few weeks, the staff at has realized that we have become an incredibly “top heavy” organization. We have too much staff for the server. Effective immediately, we have kept the most helpful moderators and terminated the lesser ones. We have also closed moderator applications for the time being. There have been several people online begging for things, hinting at corruption and in general being incredibly immature. Also effective immediately, if you display behavior such as that listed, you may be punished. We try to keep a fun, mature environment for our players. As for the server side of things, there are also some major changes. Due to a large number of players abusing the old map which was put up for administrative purposes only, we have deleted the map, making it inaccessible. There is one final major change in this month scheduled. We are changing hosts, and may experience some odd behavior and down time. This also means that you can no longer connect with simply, you must instead use to connect to the SMP server. Thank you for your understanding in these changes, we hope you will continue to enjoy your time at

-SirJohnTheMaster, server administrator.

New way to get premium status!

As of August 13, 2012 is now offering a new way to get premium account status! From now on, whoever can manage to get twenty (20) people to apply to the server, and mention their name, then play for at least 1 hour or more will receive 1 month of premium status.

1.3.1 is Here, But Do Not Update!

1.3.1 is finally here, however bukkit still has not been updated as well as all of our mods so do not update, if you do, you cannot play unless you have a jar file from 1.2.5!

Welcome viewers of The Shaft!

Our event details are at While you are here please apply at