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[SMP] We Reset The Map

Short Story: Grief/the supernatural happened and we just happened to not have a backup because we updated the backup system today. New map.

Medium length Story: The entire world is pretty messed up. Someone (With superpick) destroyed a lot of stuff in various towns and at the spawn. We believe it was a donor and superpick is being changed to be trackable. Sorry for inconvenience. New map.



[SMP] Updated to 1.5!!!

Hey all,

We have successfully updated to 1.5 and have pasted the spawn to a brand new world. Please notice we have multiple server types running so we are now making addresses contain the game type. So Nickfost’s Survival Multiplayer is now , or another example is the FTB server, which is . The original address for the SMP server works for now but will be later changed. Thank you, and enjoy playing on our new map!