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We were griefed, But thats cool!

Minecraft Griefing – Nickfost (Ep 1)

Minecraft Griefing – Nickfost (Ep 2)

Minecraft Griefing – Nickfost (Ep 3)

Minecraft Griefing – Nickfost (Ep 4)

Well of course I have something to say about it all, good for them, I’m glad they got to entertain there audience, they got me; I honestly had no idea that they were doing anything. Well there is a lesson here and that these guys try hard to entertain their audience, obviously you can tell I figured out way before I wrote this post based on how calm I seem, but I am pleased that there are some people that don’t use just TNT… that is the only thing that surprises me. there will always be griefing in minecraft us server owners really work hard so they don’t grief but then we make it too secure so we lose players… it’s a situation where you will never win so instead of hanging my head in disappointment I will laugh in joy that I fail at preventing them from griefing, luckily I am not a complete moronic owner I have BigBrother installed on my server and that great with about six commands I had them banned and rolled back… Thanks for the (small) publicity TeamXExecution!

But there is one thing to be learned here; if you grief, you will be banned! It doesn’t matter how long you get away with it, you will be banned.