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Sorry About the Network Hicups

So I was informed today that we had some network issues and and then later today I heard that the server was acting up in all kinds of ways… I have done a complete restart of the machine and everything seems to be running fine… Sadly I’m sure that we did loose a little map data… At most we lost fifteen minutes of work and that would only be for the people that were on when it went haywire…

Like I have already we should be back up and ready for connections now…

We Are ON

We’ve done it! We are all running and set up.. If you find any bugs either comment under this or email me ([email protected])

Updates: Minecraft , Bukkit and WordPress

As you all know Minecraft updated about a month ago, the Bukkit dev team finally released a¬†build¬†yesterday. and as come come in to my WordPress based website i found out there where two plugin updates and a core wordpress update.. so all of a sudden I’m a little swamped but you should be able to log on to my server this week on to our new map.. until then i’ll be reconfiguring every single plugin from scratch and this may take some time.. Thanks for your patience!