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Version Switcher

Hey guys we know that right now we have two servers running two different versions of Minecraft but the plan is to get both of them too 1.4.2. Sadly we are waiting on Bukkit and there isn’t anything we can do about that… So we thought we could make this a tad easier for the players who aren’t good with modding or switching jars.

Below are links to download an executable file that will change the files for the version number your wanting to play.

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Griefing NOW…

We are opening the floodgates until we get a copy of 1.4.2 bukkit.

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Resetting SMP, More Servers to Come, Whitelist Slowness

some things are a bit stale and we plan on changing it up a little with redoing 100% of the smp server, we want to add a more servers in the future and we are dead slow at our whitelist process because of the shear influx of players

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