Archive for December 27, 2012


We have updated our SMP to 1.4.6 if you have downgraded manually or downgraded with our downgrader you can just click force update and it’s all smooth sailin’! connect now we only got three days to prepare for new years

Don’t Update to 1.4.6!

Right now Bukkit does have a solution out for the newest version of minecraft unfortunately it break all of the plugins and custom work that we have set up…  so for right now we are going to stuck with 1.4.5 if you need to downgrade hit up this link

Oops! Unexpected Downtime

The website was down all last week and the server was down over the weekend. We have successfully got everything back to working order again and it shall remain 24/7 for at least another 4-10 months! Sorry for the downtime guys. It’s fixed now… Have fun!