Archive for January 29, 2013

Canned Manhunt and Starting FTB

Manhunt is dead for now because it’s getting a revamp and its not even ready for the latest version of Minecraft. We are planning to do a FTB server instead but this will be a bit different, the Feed the Beast server will be ran by Jace (aka “dapimp1234”) in a partnership with Nickfost’s Minecraft Servers (and if this concept works out well we might do it for others). Anyway that what’s up for now…

Update with the donations!

Hey all, darkmag98 here, if you are a donator on the server ($10+), you can now have the ability to use the command /fly. I┬árecommend┬ádonating for this awesome new feature. » Read more..

…………And We Are Back

OK so here is what happened… Something went haywire with the plugin iConomy and everyone money was lost, That caused Towny to decide to delete all towns…. Well Towny has a this weird feature where is rollback towns (we can’t disable it). So I managed to stop the chaos and change both Towny and iConomy to use MySQL for storage which is much more robust and we shouldn’t even have this issue again… So here is the end result, everyone is homeless, broke , and their previous home may or may not be there any longer. We are truly sorry for all the stuff that went down today we will try to make up for it on the server.