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Wow this is still here…

Hello, good evening, i’d like to thank you for joining us at such a terrible time. Fortunately it turns out the chimpanzee-zombie apocalypse was a hoax. Since all the admins and moderators have been busy taking shelter and no longer making contact with the rest of the¬†world it appears that this community has totally died, which is sad…. This was once a booming place to come play Minecraft. We had many many servers and it seems it’s all dwindled to nothing. I can assure you that reviving this community is on my mind, however many of the important people that made it so great are gone. Many of our resources we had we gave up while hiding from the chimpanzee-zombies. Not to mention that i am almost certain that the majority of our previous staff believe that the chimpanzee-zombies are real because of malnutrition due to the lack of investment in their survival bunkers. Reviving this community may take a serious amount of time, such a large amount of time that i’m certain i couldn’t do it alone given my current schedule.

Here is what i propose: I’ll be tweeting this link and sharing this link to this post with past community members i’m looking to get feedback on who’s willing to help restart this thing we need a handful of moderators and at least one other admin besides myself i want people to comment on this post.