Feed the beast, also known as FTB was originally a minecraft custom challenge map that made heavy use of several tech mods. FTB was originally similar to the type of map known as skyblock, where the players are given a set of challenges. Because of the tech mods included in FTB, it was possible to use various custom blocks and items to keep track of the players progress, as well as automatically give rewards after each challenge was met.

The mod pack used in FTB became very popular and soon developed into many other packs including the mod pack that we use “Ultimate”.

How We Play and What We Do:

We play with 0 cheats! We don’t spawn things we don’t use creative mode, we do however have mods that make the game much easier but we don’t just spawn stuff, all creations are 100% legit and built by the players (with the exception that we use world edit, it does use our inventory, and only the mods and allowed players can do that.)

We are not a PVP server and, when possible, don’t pvp.


Signup is Here http://forums.nickfost.com/showthread.php?tid=829


Here is our subforum


A good resource is http://ftbwiki.org/Feed_The_Beast_Ultimate_Pack


  1. Aaron Nijsse says:

    Good luck with the FTB server!

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