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Survival Multiplayer is the most widely played type of minecraft, has ran a SMP server back in the alpha days,over two years ago.

Our server is whitelist only and we want users to apply to our server before being allowed to play, we offer a grief free environment and crazy high up time.

In your first attempt to join our server you will prompted with a message indicating that you need to apply at, once you have done that you will see an email that will show that you have applied, and if you found that any of your information was entered wrong or you didn’t get an email at all please contact us immediately. Once you have successfully applied one of our admins will check our applications and promptly get you whitelisted as soon as possible. (this may take up to one day)

How We Play and What We Do:

We play with 0 cheats! We don’t spawn things we don’t use creative mode, we do however have mods that make the game much easier but we don’t just spawn stuff, all creations are 100% legit and built by the players (with the exception that we use world edit, it does use our inventory, and only the mods and allowed players can do that.) We have a few mods that make the SMP a bit more fun, such as Towny, it allows users to have towns and adds a social element to the small communities that pop up.

We are not a PVP server and, when possible, don’t pvp.

Contacting Us:

We have 3 admins and several mods, mods are labeled in orange and admins are red, all admins can be contacted at their [email protected] for example Nickfost’s email address is [email protected]. Mods can be contacted in game as well can admins, but if you really need to contact an admin use email. Another method we offer for contacting us is using our forums.


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  2. Bricksmith says:

    Hello sir John just wondering if the server is up as well as an IP please (If you don’t remember me may be you remember liberty city)

    Love Brick

  3. Gabe says:

    Hey again its me Myminecrafter1212. I was just wondering what version the server is on? Thnxs


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