…………And We Are Back

OK so here is what happened… Something went haywire with the plugin iConomy and everyone money was lost, That caused Towny to decide to delete all towns…. Well Towny has a this weird feature where is rollback towns (we can’t disable it). So I managed to stop the chaos and change both Towny and iConomy to use MySQL for storage which is much more robust and we shouldn’t even have this issue again… So here is the end result, everyone is homeless, broke , and their previous home may or may not be there any longer. We are truly sorry for all the stuff that went down today we will try to make up for it on the server.


  1. fatpiginmud says:

    All my redstone was greifed. All my bro’s chests were greifed. This is REALLY messed up. Just do a rollback of the MAP, not towny!

    • Nickfost says:

      We do NOT plan to address this issue much further. We won’t be rolling back anything. All the decisions we made will not be undone. Currently when you log on find a mod or an admin to assist you in restoring some of your valuables and in game currency.

      Sorry for all this.

  2. fatpiginmud says:

    PLEASE do a rollback, everyone lost their stuff. There’s no way you could make up for this!

  3. knexman427 says:

    Is there a reason that daily upkeep is only 10.00 ?

  4. fatpiginmud says:

    we deserve it to be 10.00. We lost everything!