[SMP] We Reset The Map

Short Story: Grief/the supernatural happened and we just happened to not have a backup because we updated the backup system today. New map.

Medium length Story: The entire world is pretty messed up. Someone (With superpick) destroyed a lot of stuff in various towns and at the spawn. We believe it was a donor and superpick is being changed to be trackable. Sorry for inconvenience. New map.




  1. Unkown? says:

    it cant be a donor donors dont have the right to go to other peoples homes its either a mod super mod or admin IT CANNOT BE NICKFOST THO HES THE OWNER

    • TinyTim2010 says:

      But everyone has the right to go to a town spawn. Which would be how the perpetrator got from place to place if that is the case

  2. Unkown? says:

    but the griefer got to places where there is no town i hvae a secret base that is located at the edge of the world and the griefer got to it somehow