Hello? We are still here how about you?

Hey guys we (as management) have become quite inactive, we all have busy lives and blah blah blah.
Here is our issue we can cut our costs a lot if we kill a server (or two)

Status of things:

  • SirJohnTheMaster runs the SMP server (Stats)
  • TomTom2012 runs the FTB server (Stats)
  • OneAppleBoy runs the Fac(factions) server (Stats)

Please note we haven’t really been promoting things for over two weeks so all these stats are our existing and not growing player base. (small analysis would say that the FTB server is the least popular and least self perpetuating (also it has a ton of technical issues) while factions hasn’t really been managed at all over the last month or so)

We ask you to vote! we don’t know what to do so lets let you make the decision for us (actually we are lazy)


  1. jayjay9878 says:

    i really loved and still do love the smp server. i like the way it is set up and the people on it. but sadly nobody else has been on lately. i have played on that server for at least maybe 2 years? i would love so see it rise again like it used to. will someone please help me with this?

  2. TheUnknownCptn says:

    Yea i agree keep all but advertise