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Hey guys, we got us a brand new server you can connect at: Also we thank the creator of the plugin and setup who worked closely with us on setting up the server. We want to thank a large list of donors, but mostly bc3833 for over 100 dollars in donations in the last few days…

The Rules of Manhunt

The rules of Manhunt are pretty strait forward. It’s like hide and seek, but a little more deadly. Because it is PVP-based, you have to kill the other team in order to win. Below is a list of rules:

  1. Players are divided into two teams: the Hunters, and the Prey
    1. Anyone not participating will be on team “Spectators”
    2. Spectators may not interfere in the game in any way
    3. Spectators may not break or place blocks
    4. Spectators may not drop items into the game
    5. Spectators may not damage or kill any animals, players, or monsters
    6. Spectators may not give away player’s positions
  2. When the Manhunt game starts, the Prey get a head start to gather materials and prepare for the hunt
  3. The Hunt begins at sundown, and the Hunters may begin searching for the Prey
  4. All players must not go in restricted areas
    1. Players may not go underground. This includes caves and strongholds
    2. Players may not leave the pre-set boundary
    3. Players may not dig hidy-holes
    4. Any shelter a player makes must be made obvious that it is an artificial shelter
  5. The Hunters try to eliminate the Prey, and the Prey try to fight back or survive until the time limit
  6. The game ends when either team is completely eliminated or the time runs out
    1. If one team is wiped out, the other team wins the game!
    2. If the time runs out, the Prey win the game!
    3. If all players of one team log off or quit the game, that other team wins the game!

A Few Details

A Note on Restricted Areas
The spirit of this rule is that the prey cannot just dig a hole in the ground, crouch, and be impossible to find until the time runs out, nor can they travel deep into a cave and camp. These provide unfair challenges to the hunters, and should be avoided. Shelters are allowed, but the shelter should be made obvious that it is a shelter, either with light, doors, or uncommon materials such as cobblestone, glass, planks, or sandstone. All shelters must be constructed on the surface and not underground. Absolutely no cave-diving is allowed, even to get diamonds or redstone. Keep it fair!

“But it’s not fair! Why do the Hunters get a Prey Finder and we can’t go underground?”
That’s not true. Yes, the Hunters may start out with a Prey Finder, but if a prey can get their hands on a compass, they too can use it to find the nearest hunter. The Prey Finder does have some downsides, such as it takes up 2 nuggets of food per use and has a cool-down timer.

There’s too many of them!
If you feel powerless against the enemy team, try running instead of fighting. Wear the other team down one by one rather than attempting to take them all out at once. Wait until they are in trouble with other mobs. Get the high ground.



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