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Manhunt! New Server

Hey guys, we got us a brand new server you can connect at: Also we thank the creator of the plugin and setup who worked closely with us on setting up the server. We want to thank a large list of donors, but mostly¬†bc3833 for over 100 dollars in donations in the last few days…

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The PvP Event is Finally Here!

Hey guys we ave been planning this for a while and now we got one month giant pvp server for you to play on, you can even win money playing on this server… check here for more info

Hunger Games Event Results

Here are the winners of all the events » Read more..

Let the Griefing Begin!

Ready to grief like nuts… Well here you go….
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Old Server Map Destruction

on the weekend of Minecraft launch we will be letting everyone use unlimited amounts of TNT and hacks/mods to grief the crap out our server » Read more..