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Almost Five Hour Rollback

I’m VERY sorry to say we had to rollback the server.

Short story:
A bad person got banned

Long story:
At the time (fixed), any moderator could “op” someone or even them selves. Let’s just say muths talked someone into op-ing them. (ops can do ANYTHING) At that time no admins were on. He started by removing large sections of land (probably just testing his grief) he begun too remove admin city. and just kept going. Ethanfoster told me about it and at that time muths banned him. He would have been stupid to not ban me also. Then I shut down the whole server, Un banned myself (and ethanfoster), began trying to rollback short term. Rolling back an hour at a time and got up to four hours so I had to restore the map (technically I could rollback three weeks. But the map would be less corrupt from the dedicated backup service). Then I banned muths.

I’m terribly sorry for the rollback (there wasn’t much of choice). Muths was BANNED all his friends are next after one little slip up. I don’t trust them.
If you still have questions email me at [email protected]


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New Website Means Much More

Our new website is hosted on a virtual computer! this means we will be (finally) hosting the server and website through the same service (our intent is to tie them together a little). soon there will be a new ip and not to mention a better website and game server, now the map wont change, (we promise) but there may be an overlap to where some changes on the old map don’t get made onto the new server. thank you guys for being so patient and loving our server, if all goes well, you be able to comment on these postings, which may mean everyone on the whitelist must (or be un-whitelisted) get an account.

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