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Get Our Old Map!

Hey guys click below to get our old map!

Get The Map!

Let the Griefing Begin!

Ready to grief like nuts… Well here you go….
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Live Stream

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TeamSpeak Server

Today we have configured a TeamSpeak server, if you would like to connect, direct your clients to
Learn more about our TeamSpeak server!

I’ve Decided That I Wont Be Accepting Any Applications This Week

I’ve been working all week for our event on Friday and I haven’t been able to accept any applicants » Read more..

Sorry About the Late Proccessing of Applications

Apparently my email address that spams me every time there is a new application was reconfigured (badly) and i wasn’t getting the message. i have seen the number of application and if you have already applied please DO NOT apply again!

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Old Server Map Destruction

on the weekend of Minecraft launch we will be letting everyone use unlimited amounts of TNT and hacks/mods to grief the crap out our server » Read more..