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So it Looks Like No Tekkit For Now

Ok guys, we recently made some posts about possibly having a Tekkit server and it seemed that we had gotten positive feedback, but apparently we only got either fake answers or the users changed their minds, we couldn’t raise a single dollar towards the Tekkit concept… Sorry guys, maybe another time..

93% Voted Yes for a Tekkit Server!

So we recently mentioned that we were willing to run a Tekkit server for a month and we made a public poll. If you voted yes and you do want to see this thing up and running for the month of September, we obviously need money, our income at is at 0 profit to me or any staff, sadly we do this for free and at Nickfost’s expense. Well Nick’s (my) pockets are a little empty so for each 5 dollars sent to our PayPal account we can supply five slots to our new Tekkit server. Pretty much all I can say is give as much as you can…

Now if for some reason we get an extraordinary amount of money the two admins that remain online all the time to help will be getting a cut of all the profits (SirJohnTheMaster and Tinytim2010) I am here only to entertain and supply the good times, they can do whatever they please with their money.

You Voted to Regenerate the Nether (and End)

So I checked the results as soon as the day “ended” and it seems that we are wanting a new nether and end.

Here are the official results:

I’ll be removing the end and the nether immediately and setting it up to regenerate the new, also we will be deleting the “mine” world every week.

Also we have made our old copies downloadable here:

New way to get premium status!

As of August 13, 2012 is now offering a new way to get premium account status! From now on, whoever can manage to get twenty (20) people to apply to the server, and mention their name, then play for at least 1 hour or more will receive 1 month of premium status.

8-12-12 Revamping With Changes

Today we are instituting something we should have done a long time ago, we are making the world have borders.

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Ok so we hear a lot of hype about tekkit, well it’s relatively simple and to end summer with a bang we want to get us a tekkit server ourselves, we want our comunity to vote.

Vote here

On the date of August 20th if i have received the majority of positive votes i will draw plans for having a one month server of pure tekkit fun, the 10 days after the decision will be made will be a time to raise money for it. the money will buy the hosting (so our specs will be based on our users interest)

So We All Knew We’d Have MORE Issues With 1.3.1

Since our server is so “set in stone” and we aren’t brand new we tend to accumulate a lot of plugins that quit being under development. we are scrambling to find newest versions of plugins and replacement for vital things, if you find a bug about anything please dot exploit it, tell an admin, we can take proper measure to get things fixed, replaced, or removed.

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1.3 is Ready To Go

Hey guys, after hours of making sure all the plugins will work and debugging issues and submitting them to developers for proper fixes, we are proud to say we had pretty fast turnaround time for 1.3.1 first bukkit delayed us (as all other servers) but now we are ready to play, so update your stuff to 1.3.1 and have fun…

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Do We Need Another New Nether? (and End)

Alright guys last time voting was a mess, So i have found a good solution, for voting,
Vote here!

Edit : Keep voting, Final decision on 8-17-12!

1.3.1 is Here, But Do Not Update!

1.3.1 is finally here, however bukkit still has not been updated as well as all of our mods so do not update, if you do, you cannot play unless you have a jar file from 1.2.5!