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[SMP] Updated to 1.5!!!

Hey all,

We have successfully updated to 1.5 and have pasted the spawn to a brand new world. Please notice we have multiple server types running so we are now making addresses contain the game type. So Nickfost’s Survival Multiplayer is now , or another example is the FTB server, which is . The original address for the SMP server works for now but will be later changed. Thank you, and enjoy playing on our new map!


1.5 is Here Don’t Update Untill We Say So

In case you didn’t notice, or just woke up to the news, 1.5 is released. We cannot update our servers until CraftBukkit releases their build; at which point we will update ASAP, so enjoy 1.4.7 for now.

[SMP] Planned 1.5 Wiping, New IP

For now on connect to Soon will not work. The website remains and it will forever.

Once the ball for Minecraft 1.5 drops we will work hard to wipe everything and start over with a complete reset of player data and maps. However donation based statuses won’t extended or be lost. We want to continue providing the best survival experience to our players as we have done for the last 2 and a half years. So if you have a suggestion, please comment below letting us know of your ideas or suggestions.

Introducing iPvP

There come a time in every players life where you must slaughter your friends we welcome you to do it on our new server. Just connect to

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