The Rules

The following list of rules is a policy we stand by. These exact rules are the ones we play by and will ban/kick you for. Please read these rules carefully.

1- Griefing. Griefing is considered the unwanted destruction of blocks/liquids or (re)placement of blocks/liquids with another block/liquid. Griefing is an instant ban and WILL NOT be tolerated with any questions asked.If you have a problem or proof that supports you did not grief or were doing something for another player that involved moving or replacing sensitive blocks, please E-mail Nickfost, SirJohnTheMaster, or TinyTim2010 about the subject.

2- Spam. Spamming is the act of filling up the chat box with unwanted text. This may be annoying and/or disrespectful. Response to this will be either a warning, kick, or ban depending on the amount and what the message is. This is all judged by users and admins. If you are reported by more users that it was offensive or annoying it may increase the probability and level of punishment.

3- Nude skins. Skins that show parts of the body that may offend people will not be tolerated here. If someone catches you or it offends someone you will be asked to remove it. You will have 10 minutes to change it. If you join and it is still there you will be kicked. Joining again with the same skin or another inappropriate skin will cause instat ban. There will be no lifting of this ban.

4– DON’T ASK FOR THINGS. Please do not ask admins for items. We will say no and if you keep asking we will crack down on you. Every once in a while an admin may offer to give you with something or help you with something. (almost never) If you spam that you want something you will be banned. No questions asked. Do not ask for a promotion, It will never be given.

5- Profanity. Profanity is tolerated up to a point. Cussing for no reason: (Your cat died, you spilled Mtn. Dew on your keyboard, you have anger issues, or you felt like spilling your bucket ‘o rage all over the chat box) will not be tolerated kindly. We will ask you to stop and you will get a few warnings from admins. We don’t enjoy hearing your Black guy jokes about Barrack Obama or whatever so please keep the racism to a minimum.

6- Cheating. Cheating is something we don’t like. Hacks including fast walk, teleport, flying, and copied items/inventory mods will not be tolerated at all. This is a completely serious server and you will be banned for hacks. Please make a mental note of that. Finding bugs is something that we admins just can’t find. It would be appreciated if you could report a bug and not take advantage of it if it gives you something you’re not supposed to have. If we catch you doing any copying of items or something like that as an example, you will be warned and banned if it is a reoccurance.

7- Looting. Looting fallen towns will be allowed a week after it has fallen. The order may only be ordered by an administrator or Moderator. Don’t loot without asking if it’s okay to. Some players may come back and want their stuff.

8- Stealing. Stealing is the act of taking things without permission and using them to your advantage (selling, using, trading, etc.) The user that steals said item(s) must replace them if they are lost or damaged (tools, flint and steel, etc.)

9- Inventory Mods. Inventory mods for organization and other purposes are acceptable but TooManyItems or other “Creative Mode” inventory mods are specifically disallowed.

10- Respect. Be respectful to players around you. Don’t disrespect them because they are different or can’t build well. Respect Admins and other staff (Moderators, Coders, VIP’s). Please never think you are better than anyone; especially admins. You will be proved wrong violently and in the most inhumane way possible. ūüôā

11- Abusing the Report System. The Report System (aka /report), is a plugin used where players can report grief, cheating, stealing, and anything you want to write about that should be corrected. This system is used by admins to find out if there are any bad things that happened while they were offline or unavailable. /report should not be used to say “This person is stupid” or other dumb reasons for reporting. Use it only if you need help out of character (Some a$$hole is cheating, someone is griefing, a player is being EXTREMELY¬†derogatory toward the server and it’s players, or someone is advertising someone else’s things without Admin/Sr. Moderator Permission.

12- PVP. Player versus player damage is enabled but there are rules when it comes to striking other users. Striking a user with a weapon is considered pvp. This also includes bows, being lit on fire, suffocating in blocks, snowballs, eggs, and TNT. If someone punches you, you are allowed to hit them back. If they continue to hit you or draw a weapon and continue to strike you, you are authorized to take their life and keep their items IF they do not ask for them back. Please don’t be annoying and notice sometimes when you get hit it IS an accident.

Thank you for reading the rules.

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