We expect at least one moderator on at a time… More is preferred but we need at least one person willing to help users… Your goal is to help…


Commands | Rules | Apply to be a mod!


  • /lb help : shows help for logblock
  • /lb commands : shows commands
  • lb rollback area [area] since [time in y, m, w, d, h, m, or s] :rolls back a grief
  • /lb rollback player [name] time [time in y, m, w, d, h, m, or s]  Rolls back a players actions since a time.
  • /fixwater [number between 1 and 10] : Flattens water surface
  • /fixlava [number between 1 and 10] : Flattens a lava surface
  • //drain [number between 1 and 20] : empties the fluid in which you are standing
  • /ban -t [time] [user] [reason] :Temporarily ban a user.
  • /ban [user] [reason] : Permaban a user, use only in exteme cases.
  • /kick [user] [reason] : kicks a user.
  • /god : god mode
  • // : Superpick
  • /tp [user] : teleport to a user.
  • /tp [user] [other user] :teleport one user to another.
  • /slap [user] : slaps a user.
  • /rocket [user] : rockets a user
  • /barrage [user] : fires arrows from user.
  • /firebarrage [user] : shoots fireballs from a users head.
  • /wub : wubs
  • /v or /vanish : vanish/unvanish
  • /v t or /vanish toggle : shortened versions.
  • /v fq : vanish with a fake quit message
  • /v fj : unvanish with a fake join message
  • /v check : Check on your visibility.
  • /v list : List vanished users.
  • /v t : Configuration info for your user
  • /vanish t nopickup : Control whether you pick up items while vanished
  • /vanish t see : Control whether you see other vanished people
  • /vanish t nofollow : Control whether mobs follow you while vanished
  • /v t damage-in : Control whether you get hurt while vanished
  • /v t damage-out : Control whether you hurt others while vanished
  • /v reload : Refresh some of the configuration (join/quit messages, for instance). Does not toggle hooks.
  • /np : Alias of /vanish toggle nopickup
  • /nf : Alias of /vanish toggle nofollow
  • /ni : Alias of /vanish toggle nointeract
  • /nc : Alias of /vanish toggle nochat
  • /home [user] : go to a users home.
  • /fly : Gives the user the ability to fly

Mod rules:

1. Don’t abuse your powers. (DONT GO AROUND RAPING EVERYONE OR SLAPPING PEOPLE UNTIL THEY RAGEQUIT) That is the number one expectation. If you have questions about what abuse is ask an administrator (Nickfost, SirJohnTheMaster, TinyTim2010.)

2. BE ACTIVE! If you are gone for 14 days (two weeks) and haven’t logged in, you may be subject to expulsion from the staff (THAT MEANS YOU WILL NOT BE A MOD NO MORE!)

3. MODERATE. (THIS MEANS YOU… MODERATE!) Moderators… well… you moderate. You need to use discipline when its needed. If you have trouble figuring out what to do in some situations contact an administrator or refer to for help on how situations are dealt with.

4. Be kind. (This means don’t do things to anger other users for no reason!) Don’t disrespect players because they are lower rank than you. Don’t curse for absolutely no reason. Be nice 🙂

Fellow mods, (READ THIS DON’T THINK ITS A POINTLESS PART OF THE RULES!)   if you have any questions about the rules or want new rules to be added please contact us in game (SirJohnTheMaster, TinyTim2010, darkmag98.) or email SirJohnTheMaster, TinyTim2010, or darkmag98.

-The Admins

Currently all mods are hand picked we are no longer accepting applications


  1. I would like to me a moderator.I go on nickfost frequently.

  2. why2000 says:

    I would like to be a mod. im on the smp everyday

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