SMP Applications Open

Hey guys, quick update:
Our applications are under a new process please go here to apply for SMP

Hello? We are still here how about you?

Hey guys we (as management) have become quite inactive, we all have busy lives and blah blah blah.
Here is our issue we can cut our costs a lot if we kill a server (or two)

Status of things:

  • SirJohnTheMaster runs the SMP server (Stats)
  • TomTom2012 runs the FTB server (Stats)
  • OneAppleBoy runs the Fac(factions) server (Stats)

Please note we haven’t really been promoting things for over two weeks so all these stats are our existing and not growing player base. (small analysis would say that the FTB server is the least popular and least self perpetuating (also it has a ton of technical issues) while factions hasn’t really been managed at all over the last month or so)

We ask you to vote! we don’t know what to do so lets let you make the decision for us (actually we are lazy)

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Thanks Dotblock!

We have stuck with this host for over three years and now we have won a contest for free hosting for a year, with 6 times the specs of what we have now.

1.6.1 is Live!

As of 7/2 we are live on bukkit 1.6.1 and running very low on errors. Please update to 1.6!


The great SMP revamp. is undergoing a massive makeover in the near future. Over the past few weeks, the staff at has realized that we have become an incredibly “top heavy” organization. We have too much staff for the server. Effective immediately, we have kept the most helpful moderators and terminated the lesser ones. We have also closed moderator applications for the time being. There have been several people online begging for things, hinting at corruption and in general being incredibly immature. Also effective immediately, if you display behavior such as that listed, you may be punished. We try to keep a fun, mature environment for our players. As for the server side of things, there are also some major changes. Due to a large number of players abusing the old map which was put up for administrative purposes only, we have deleted the map, making it inaccessible. There is one final major change in this month scheduled. We are changing hosts, and may experience some odd behavior and down time. This also means that you can no longer connect with simply, you must instead use to connect to the SMP server. Thank you for your understanding in these changes, we hope you will continue to enjoy your time at

-SirJohnTheMaster, server administrator.

New Staff member!

Hey all! We have a new staff member, his name is OneApplyBoy. He manages the new Faction server.

Some semi-important announcements!

So a few days ago Nickfost announced that he will no longer be admin on this server. He does not like to consider it his server, but the community or “our” server. He will probably be on very little, he is a very busy man. He will still be working on technical stuff like making sure the server is functioning right. One last thing, I (darkmag98) am now an admin and I would like to say something about this amazing server…
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[SMP] We Reset The Map

Short Story: Grief/the supernatural happened and we just happened to not have a backup because we updated the backup system today. New map.

Medium length Story: The entire world is pretty messed up. Someone (With superpick) destroyed a lot of stuff in various towns and at the spawn. We believe it was a donor and superpick is being changed to be trackable. Sorry for inconvenience. New map.



FTB is Now Ultimate

Ok so we’ve been having issue with the map for our FTB server and we needed to reset, and while we were at it we switched to the ultimate pack and dropped Mindcrack…

[SMP] Updated to 1.5!!!

Hey all,

We have successfully updated to 1.5 and have pasted the spawn to a brand new world. Please notice we have multiple server types running so we are now making addresses contain the game type. So Nickfost’s Survival Multiplayer is now , or another example is the FTB server, which is . The original address for the SMP server works for now but will be later changed. Thank you, and enjoy playing on our new map!